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Where can I find information regarding the name of the prompting use in different programs? For example, some programs use the following I, GP, ... I need to know the description of each?


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    Erin S.
    • You can find the Prompt Code Defaults in the Administration section of the portal. There you can decide what target types you want to use each of the default prompts. You can also create your own prompt codes to be used across programs.
    • You can change the prompt codes for all targets at the student level by going to the Setup tab> Prompt Codes> Choose "Yes" for override default prompt codes> Create new prompt code. If you'd like to change the prompts for one target you would go to the Target> Actions> Edit Details> Advanced Target Options> Custom prompt codes. Make sure you have created the prompt code as an option under setup before attempting to add it on the target level.

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